Vape Juice Review: Vapetasia: Milk of the Poppy

Vape Juice : Milk of the Poppy

There are plenty of strawberry vape juice flavors out there on the market. In fact, there are so many, it can be challenging to find the GOOD blends since there are so many that are just…average.

Today we are going to look at Milk of the Poppy by Vapetasia. Vapetasia started out as a small vape company with a handful of flavors. Now, they have a wide selection of e-liquids designed to suit every vaper’s palate.

Let’s find out if Milk of the Poppy is a top-notch strawberry vape juice, or if you are better off sticking to another brand if you’re a strawberry nut like I am!

Price, FLAVOR DESCRIPTION & smell test

Fans of my content have probably figured it out by now, but I’m a fan of Premium Vape Supply when I purchase e-liquid. I live in a small town in Ohio, and the only vape juice shops are kind of far away. Since I don’t have many options here, I’ve resorted to online shopping. Premium Vape Supply has the best combination of customer service, pricing, and speedy deliveries.

Anyway, I snagged my bottle from PVS for $19.95 for a 100ml bottle. The price is super fair for a 100ml, in my opinion. I’ve visited some shops that want $32 for the same exact stuff!  As always, I went with the 3mg nicotine.

According to the official Vapetasia website, the flavor description reads as follows: “Milk of the Poppy is a gourmet e-liquid that skillfully combines the bold sweetness of ripe strawberries, a subtle breath of dragon fruit, and our signature creaminess in every cloud that dances off the tongue. ”

My bottle got here in 3 days. It looked really light, which made me nervous. I thought that it might not have been properly steeped. Most strawberry juices have at least a yellowish tint — this stuff was clear. The taste test will tell! I cracked the bottle and took a sniff — WOW! The smell was straight up fresh strawberries. I couldn’t smell the dragonfruit or the vanilla-cream. All


Now on to the taste test! I filled up my Uwell Crown III tank with Milk of the Poppy. I used a .25 Ohm coil, primed it up, and got to vaping.

Let’s start at the logical point, the inhale. On inhale, the strawberry immediately drifts across your tongue and sparks your taste buds. It’s important to note that this isn’t a “candy” strawberry, like you may be accustomed to in other vape juices. The strawberry taste is like fresh, ripe strawberries picked fresh.

As the vapor dances through your mouth and spills out as you exhale, the strawberry kicks into overdrive. It’s a sweet, succulent, delicious flavor. We knew that Vapetasia knows their custard, but I had no IDEA that they know their strawberry flavors too. After you finish the exhale, combined with the delicious strawberry taste is the light, sweet vanilla cream flavoring. It almost makes me think of their standard custard flavor used in their Killer Kustard blend, only not quite as powerful. It’s a real treat when combined with the sweet ripe strawberries.

It’s worth noting that the dragon fruit flavor mentioned in the profile is super light/blends seamlessly with the strawberry. The ONLY way you will know its there is if you are reading this review or the vape juice profile. Otherwise, the strawberry taste is the star of the show, with the vanilla cream as a strong backup flavor.


Overall, this is a great e-liquid for people who love strawberries, cream, or the two combined. You have to try to taste the dragonfruit. It’s tasty, cheap, and well worth the money. The only thing that holds Milk of the Poppy back from a perfect score is the fact that there are better strawberry flavors out there, though this juice gives those brands a run for their money.

+Delicious, ripe strawberries

+Creamy, smooth vanilla

+Vibrant, complex flavor


-Light Dragonfruit

4.5 out of 5 Stars

Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at

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