Vape Juice Review: Director’s Cut – Nancey’s New Nightmare

Vape Juice - Nancey's New Nightmare

Due to the love of breakfast foods, there are quite a few breakfast themed vape juice flavors on the market.Despite all of the different breakfast vapes out there, none look quite as unique as the Director’s Cut series. You’ve probably sampled the parent company of this e-liquid, Bad Drip. I’ll be the first to admit that the Bad Drip line is hit or miss.

But what about Director’s Cut – Nancey’s New Nightmare? Is this juice any good? Does it live up to the hype of having one of the coolest looking bottles on the market?

Prime your vapes. We are going to find out!

Vape Juice Flavor  Profile, Smell test, and bottle design

First, we have to talk price. I ordered my bottle from Premium Vape Supply. The price is $16.95 for a 60ml bottle — not bad! Once you check the flavor profile, you are going to see the appeal. The description reads as follows, “Nanceys New Nightmare E-Liquid by Director’s Cut is a warm, crisp Belgian Waffle drizzled with salted caramel and topped with a sprinkle of pecans and hazelnuts.”

Sounds good, right?

Nancey’s New Nightmare by Director’s Cut instantly catches your attention. When you see the bottle, you instantly want to buy it so you can have the bottle long after the juice is gone. It has a funky,  “nightmarish” appeal. Look at the bottle and tell me you’re not at least mildly curious!

My bottle arrived, I cracked the top and gave it my usual sniff. I was pleasantly surprised when the smell of waffles, caramel, and nuts wrapped around me. I wanted to try this stuff NOW!


I loaded up my tank, primed it, and started puffing on this vape juice right away. The vapor production is nice! I couldn’t find the VG/PG on the bottle or the website, but the consistency reminded me of a 70/30 blend. Cloud production satisfied me, and I imagine it would satisfy most people.

I know you’re curious about the taste. There is no doubt that everything up until this point has been positive, does the taste disappoint? I’m happy to report that the taste is JUST as good as I had hoped.

In fact, I’ll be honest; I finished my 60ml bottle in about a day and a half.

On the inhale, I got the Belgium waffle with a touch of sweetness. It’s a super pleasant taste that makes you want to take a puff again right away. The real treat though is the exhale. You get a sweet, delicious, caramel exhale with an aftertaste of hazelnuts and waffles. It’s so good that it’s scary — har, har, har.

You probably already know how this is going to go down, but here is my final score.

Final Score

+One of the coolest vape bottles every

+Excellent cloud production

+Delicious blend of waffles, caramel, and hazelnuts


-Bottles too small

The last part was kind of a joke because only a 1,000ml bottle would be enough of this vape juice to make ME  happy. If you love breakfast vapes, get a bottle of this stuffy TODAY.

5 stars out of 5

Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at

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