Vape Juice Review: Treat Factory – Kookie Krunch

Kookie Krunch Vape Juice

Let’s get one thing out of the way right now — everyone loves cookies. It doesn’t matter if we are talking chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, whatever — we love them. But what happens when you jam the flavor of cookies into a vape juice?

The people over at Air Factory started a new brand called Treat Factory. In their new line, they have a vape juice called Kookie Krunch. Sounds good right?

One problem I’ve personally noticed is that some companies have a hard time nailing the authentic cookie flavor. I’ve had some GOOD cookie e-liquids (looking at you Sad Boy and Cookie Butter), and I’ve had some awful cookie flavors.

I know you are wondering whether or not Kookie Krunch is going to live up to fresh baked cookies from grandma’s oven, so let’s dive right in!

Flavor profile & smell test

I ordered my juice from Premium Vape Supply, as I always do (Can’t beat that 2-day shipping!) Kookie Kraze is available for $19,95 for a 100ml bottle. This vape juice has the following flavor profile: “Kookie Krunch E-Liquid by Treat Factory is a delicious take on doughy, chewy, sweet cookie infused with chocolate chip bits.”

Based on that description, I thought that it might have more of a cookie dough taste than an actual fresh cookie. Right off the bat, I was a tad bit confused. I figured what the heck, I look cookies AND cookie dough, so I’ll like it either way.

The VG/PG blend is 70/30, so typical to most e-liquids on the market. We usually only see 70/30 or 80/20 nowadays. Once the bottle arrived, I cracked the top off and gave it a sniff, and again, I was puzzled. It didn’t really smell like anything. I sensed a hint of cookie. I couldn’t smell the chocolate chunks, and I have to emphasize, the cookie smell was faint, just a touch.

Time to juice up and vape!

Vape Juice TASTE test

I juiced up, got my cotton nice and saturated, and took a big puff.

“Hm..,” I thought. “Maybe I need a couple more hits.” I continued puffing on my mod.

Finally, the flavor came through. This vape juice is kind of hard to describe. I WILL say this; the inhale and exhale is super smooth. It’s quite literally one of the smoothest vapes I’ve had in a while.

On inhale, I got a hint of butter cookie. It didn’t taste like a chocolate chip cookie as I was led to believe. Instead, it reminded me of a Lorna Doone cookie (remember those?) Anyway, yeah, it’s not terrible.  But it seems to be missing something.

The exhale delivers a little bit more. You get a flavorful butter cookie taste. It’s delicious! My skepticism was still there, but I have to say, they nailed the cookie taste. After the exhale, the cookie taste lingers with you and gives you more time to appreciate the flavor.

But where’s the chocolate? I know chocolate is a hard flavor to nail, but the marketing says there are chocolate bits…so where are they? The lack of chocolate was the biggest disappointment of Kookie Krunch.

Final Score

I MUST give credit where credit is due; Kookie Krunch has an excellent cookie flavor on exhale.  Sadly, that is all it has going for it.  The inhale is light and almost flavorless, and there is no chocolate flavor whatsoever.. If you want to try a regular butter cookie vape that isn’t overwhelming, this would be up your alley. If you want a bold cookie flavor, you might be better off looking elsewhere.

+Yummy butter cookie exhale.

+Great price

+Flavor lingers

-No “chocolate bits” flavor

-VERY light flavor on inhale

3 stars out of 5

Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at

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