Vape Juice - The Custard Shoppe: Butterscotch

Vape Juice Review: The Custard Shoppe – Butterscotch

There is nothing like a fresh, delicious, creamy custard. Luckily, we can enjoy that delightful custard taste without all of the calories with the magic of vape juice. Better yet, there are plenty of variations on the traditional custard formula. In other words: if you like custard, there is a flavor + custard combination just for you.

Today, the vape juice I’m reviewing is Butterscotch by The Custard Shoppe. There are two other flavors in this line, blackberry, and raspberry.

You may think that you’re unfamiliar with The Custard Shoppe, but there is a good chance you ARE familiar with their “parent” juice company, Jam Monster. Speaking of which, they just released a Blackberry Jam Monster that I hope to try soon!

How does The Custard Shoppe – Butterscotch stack up to the mounds of other custard-based flavors out there? Only one way to find out!

Let’s vape! 

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