Sneakerhead -The Dunk Vape Juice Review

Sneakerhead - The Dunk

Hi, everyone! I hope you guys are having a great week. Today’s review is based is on The Dunk from famed vape juice company Glas. The Dunk is one of the juice brands in the Sneakerhead line. This line is obviously meant to appeal to those who have a passion for basketball shoes, or “sneakerheads” in general.

I wouldn’t call myself a “sneakerhead,” but I was still curious about the flavors offered through this line. There are four in total, including The Dunk,  The other three flavors are centered around fruits, but this flavor is a little different.

I”m going to dive in and tell you a little bit about The Dunk, give you my opinion on the flavor, and then tell you where to grab a bottle!

Let’s vape!

A strange breakfast

It’s no secret that I LOVE breakfast (and breakfastvapes). I love french toast, waffles, syrup, butter, the works. I mentioned earlier that the other three flavors in the Sneakerhead Series are fruit flavors. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, The Dunk is a “breakfast vape” with a twist.

The box and bottle art describe The Dunk as a “Vanilla Butter Waffle.” I wasn’t quite sure what Glas meant when they marketed it as having a vanilla flavor. I thought that maybe they meant the traditional vanilla flavoring that we associate with waffles and pancakes. On the other hand,  I could also imagine them adding a vanilla “cream” flavor to the waffle blend.

In reality, the vanilla flavor is somewhere in between. Honestly, I was a bit perplexed when I discovered that there was no syrup flavoring on the bottle. When most people think of pancakes and waffles they think of syrup.   Hmmm.  I guess we will have to see how stacks up in the taste test!

The VG/PG ratio for The Dunk is 70/30, which is the norm for most juice companies. Cloud production here is great, no complaints on my end!

the dunk taste test

My bottle arrived and I eagerly cracked it open. When I put the bottle up to my nose I could smell fresh pancakes/waffles. I couldn’t pick out any syrup or vanilla notes in the scent. Still, the smell reminded me of my visits to the local waffle house, so I was still excited to give this juice a try.

For this review, I used my SMOK G-PRIV 2 with a SMOK Cloud Beast tank and a fresh .15 ohm coil. I gave the cotton time to saturate and boosted my mod up to 110 watts and started vaping.

The first thing I noticed on inhale was the taste of sweet, warm waffles. They nailed the “smell” of the waffle house in vape juice form. I couldn’t taste any syrup in this blend.  Even without syrup, this e-juice is bursting with flavor.

On the exhale, I noticed a few different things going on. The sweetness intensified, which made me think of the big ol’ Belgium waffles from King’s restaurant that comes with powdered sugar.  On the back of the sweetness, I got hit with the creamy butter and vanilla flavoring. It was a truly interesting experience. The butter left a “smoothness” on the roof of my mouth after the exhale. I love vape juice flavors that have texture, and The Dunk falls into that category.

The taste on your tongue after the exhale consists of waffles and light vanilla. It’s a pleasant vaping experience. My only complaint is I think this juice could use just a touch of syrup flavor.

Final score

+Delicious, fresh waffle flavor

+Creamy butter mixes with light vanilla for a great aftertaste

+”textured” vape juice


+Great cloud production

-Could benefit from a hint of syrup


My bottle of The Dunk came from online vape shop Premium Vape Supply. You can get a bottle of The Dunk from PVS for $17.95, an amazing price for the flavor. If you’re a fan of breakfast vapes this juice is for you — just don’t expect syrup!



Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at

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