Philly Vape Society – Sad Boy E-Liquid – Strawberry Jam Cookie

Sad Boy - Strawberry Jam Cookie

Today we are looking at a brand new juice from  Philly Vape Society. Their sub-brand Sad Boy E-Liquid recently put out a Jam Cookie line. Currently, you can get this juice in strawberry and blueberry. I got my hands on the Strawberry Jam Cookie, and you guys need to hear about this one.

-Bias Alert- For those who don’t know, my favorite e-liquid flavors have either strawberry or custard in the profile. Actually, my bias is a good thing. I have HIGH standards when it comes to my strawberry e-liquids. If you want to score high in my book, you have to live up to legendary flavors like the legendary The One by Beard.

So with that bit of information out of the way, let’s see if Sad Boy made me a Happy Vaper!

Cracking the bottle

The flavor profile for this liquid is complex. Over on Premium Vape Supply, they note that the flavor profile consists of butter cookies, strawberry jam, all dipped in a glass of milk. Sounds good, right?

Note: Does anyone else think it’s strange that companies describe their juice as being dunked in COLD milk? That never made sense to me, but more on the “milk” flavor here in a bit. 

My bottle came in the mail today. I opened the package, shook it up, and loaded in my Uwell Crown 3 tank. I’m currently running a .25 coil at around 100 watts.

I cracked open the bottle and took a snif.f…..and WOW! The smell instantly made me hopeful. The aroma of a fresh pack of butter cookies came out, as well as a robust and lingering strawberry scent. I couldn’t wait to take a puff.

Sad Boy - Strawberry Jam Cookie
Sad Boy – Strawberry Jam Cookie

A flavor to savor

After a couple hits, the taste started to come through in a bold way. I’ll be 100% honest.


I have close to 140 bottles of juice in boxes and on my desk right this very minute. It takes a lot to turn my head, and Strawberry Jam Cookie blew me away. It’s smooth, delicious, and everything I expected and then some.

On inhale, you get a sweet, delicious strawberry jam. If I had to compare it to another e-liquid, I would say that the “jam” part of this juice reminds me of a sweeter Strawberry Jam Monster (which I also love.) At the end of the hit, the butter cookie starts to creep in.

The butter cookie taste is phenomenal. If you remember the old Lorna Doone cookies, you know exactly what to expect.  You get the sweet, buttery, cookie taste with the strawberry on exhale. It’s pure bliss. 

The exhale is 180-degree turn. The butter cookie comes in full force. The same POWER  that the strawberry had on inhale shifts positions. The aftertaste is cookies with just a hint of jam.

The only thing that puzzled me was that there was no milk flavor at all. I didn’t even get a hint of cream. I’m not MAD about it or anything, but the strawberry jam and the butter cookie are the stars of this show.

As soon as you put your vape device down, you’re going to want to pick it right back up again.

Final Score

Now that we know how good this stuff is — let’s talk price. I scored my 100ml bottle on Premium Vape Supply for $21.95.  You can’t beat that price for a bottle of QUALITY e-juice. You can get Strawberry Jam Cookie in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

Score 5/5

+DELICIOUS strawberry flavor

+Smooth butter cookie exhale


+Nice Clouds

If you are a fan of cookie or strawberry e-liquids, get a bottle!




Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at

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