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I was recently turned onto a neat Los Angeles-based vape juice company called One Hit Wonder. They’re trying their darnest to create PREMIUM “top shelf” vape juices, and they even have a nifty sponsorship program for bloggers, if any of you are interested in that kind of thing.

I initially bought a bottle of their “Muffin Man” juice from an outside vendor, but it was horrifically expired and tasted absolutely terrible — so I wrote to One Hit Wonder to tell them what happened. Right off the bat, I’ll say that OHW has excellent customer service. They answered all my questions, and even provided me with a discount code so I could get some UNEXPIRED juice at a great rate.

I ended up with one of each of the flavors they had available at the time, which was nearly their entire line.  They have two flavors that I missed: Police Man (donuts with cereal) and Drippin’ Whip (whipped cream) that weren’t available at the time. And I have a mild interest in Police Man if it (he?) ever shows up; however, I have no interest in trying Drippin’ Whip for reasons I’ll get into in a moment. (Though it WILL be reviewed in this entry — just not by me! More on that in a few minutes as well… Stick around! This is a long one!).

The reason I have no interest in Drippin’ Whip is because I know that I’ll hate it. I detest milk flavors. Which puts poor One Hit Wonder at a disadvantage, where I’m concerned. MOST of their flavors are milk-based in some form or another.

This is why I’ve called in my friend, and fellow vaper, Frank Spear (also known as “Knarf” — the guy who own’s this site), to write a secondary review at the bottom of this post. He LOVES milk flavors — and is the person who turned me onto OHW in the first place — and I figured that, between the two of us, we’d give One Hit Wonder a fair shake. So, first, you’ll get my official Lauren review (by me, Lauren) and then you’ll get to hear Frank/Knarf’s thoughts.

Sound good? Good. Let’s do this.



This was my favorite of the bunch, and the only one I’ve continued to vape regularly. Rocket Man is a blueberry parfait with granola undertones. Although milk flavors make me gag, I dig a nice yogurt flavor every once in a while (as you may already know if you read my review of “Dali” by Mustache Vapes).

This is a good palate-cleansing vape juice. It could easily be used as an ADV (all day vape) as well, but I personally like to vape it in-between other flavors. At the moment, I have one vape that I’ve been filling with alternate flavors and one that I’ve been consistently keeping filled with Rocket Man to puff on in-between.

Rocket Man is VERY mild and tastes primarily of tart Greek yogurt. The blueberry and granola undertones are barely noticeable. It’s NOT sweet, but it’s refreshing. It’s not heavy at all, and provides a light exhale.


Formerly known as “Milk Man,” this flavor is one of One Hit Wonder’s original flavors, and it put them on the map, so-to-speak. It’s a strawberry milk flavor. 

My friend Frank, who you’ll be hearing from in a minute, thought this would be the flavor that would change my mind about milk-flavored vape juices. He was wrong. I hated it. In fact, I could only take a few puffs of this one before I started gagging and had to dump it out. It is VERY much a milk flavor — I barely tasted the strawberries — and it made me feel queasy.


One Hit Wonder has some Willy Wonky craziness going on with this one! It’s a Neapolitan flavor: chocolate, strawberries, and vanilla. The thing that makes this interesting is that you don’t taste all the flavors at once. I don’t know HOW they did it, but on some puffs you taste chocolate, on others you taste the strawberry, and sometimes you’ll get that vanilla hit. It changes on you! That’s pretty darn wild.

I liked the chocolate and strawberry flavors, but the vanilla was too milky and made me gag. That made this juice a little too akin to playing Russian Roulette for me. I’d be sitting there enjoying the chocolate and strawberry, but I knew there was a “bullet” filled with vanilla waiting just around the corner to shoot me in the throat with nausea.


This is another one that changes on you while you’re vaping it. It’s described as “a trifecta of fruit flavors.” Personally, I primarily taste watermelon when I vape this one. Which isn’t too bad. But sometimes it would taste like cherries! That also wasn’t too shabby. But then there’s that third flavor… I’m not sure what it is. It tastes kinda sour. It’s not intolerable, but it throws you when you’re vaping on the other two, sweeter, flavors and then suddenly you have a sour hit of…something.

It’s kinda funny that a flavor called “Magic Man” would have that kind of presto-changeo effect. It reminded me a bit of the Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans from the Harry Potter series of novels. There was definitely something “magical” about this flavor in that regard.

Like Rocket Man, I intend to finish my bottle of Magic Man eventually. I only like two out of the three flavors presented, but, unlike My Man, the third flavor doesn’t make me feel ill — it’s just a little bit of a nuisance. It’s kind of like when you’re having Thanksgiving dinner with your family and everything is going really well and the food is really delicious, but then your weird uncle says something stupid that irks you for a moment. You get over it and move on and enjoy the rest of the meal relatively unaffected, but, for that split second, you roll your eyes.


This flavor is supposed to be an apple cinnamon muffin. My bottle was well-steeped (very dark!), and I could pretty much only taste the muffin. I could barely taste the apples or cinnamon, which was a shame as I happen to LOVE both apples and cinnamon and was looking forward to this one.

Instead, it just kinda tasted like warm bread. It wasn’t intolerable, but it wasn’t what I was expecting and definitely isn’t one of my “preferred” flavors. I could also only vape about half a tank of this juice at a time — spaced out — because it feels very HEAVY. It’s one of those flavors where you actually feel like you’re eating a snack, rather than inhaling vapor.

So those are my thoughts on each of One Hit Wonders’ currently-available flavors. But, as I said, I’m a milk-hater, and most of the flavors have a milky undertone. So let’s hear from my good friend, Frank Spear, for a second opinion:



Hi, guys! Rocket Man, as Lauren stated, is a blueberry Greek yogurt parfait with granola and I LOVE it! Normally, I am not big on “light- flavored vape juice. I like BOLD flavors that stick around for a while after you take a big hit.

When you take that first inhale of Rocket Man you are smacked right in the face with a fresh blueberry taste. I do have to mention that they taste like REAL blueberries! Most artificial fruit flavors taste awful to me, but this is way different. Imagine eating a handful of fresh blueberries out of a bowl with water still glistening on them — YEAH it’s like that!

After the blueberries you get the Greek yogurt flavor. It is tart, a little sweet (or maybe that is the sweetness of the blueberries hanging around), and just overall delicious. This is the dominant flavor of the three. I would venture to say the best yogurt flavor I have ever tasted in a vape juice.

Finally, on the exhale, you get hit with the subtle granola. It is there and blends with the Greek yogurt perfectly. Again, really NATURAL tasting, which is always a plus. If you want something sweet and flavorful, but not overwhelming, this is an excellent juice.


Let me start this one by saying that The Man is my absolute favorite vape juice of all time. Hands down. I am a huge fan of strawberry flavored ANYTHING juice. I have tried many different strawberry milk flavors. Some of my personal favorites include: Munchies, Strawesome Sauce by Goof E-Juice, Unicorn Milk by Cuttwood. That being said, NOTHING comes close to “The Vape Juice Formally Known as Milk Man.”

Flavor-wise, imagine taking a big drink of Nesquik Strawberry milk. It is absolutely flawless. On the inhale you get an intense warm strawberry taste with a hint of cream. Like most One Hit Wonder flavors, the strawberry tastes NATURAL. There is barely any throat hit — it’s a super smooth vape.

On the exhale, the milk really shines. You are left with the bold taste of strawberry on your lips and it blends perfectly with smooth milky goodness for a taste that WILL keep you coming back for The Man. (UNLESS you are Lauren apparently).

In fact, now that I am thinking about it, I am going to fill my tank up with it RIGHT NOW!


This is another really yummy flavor from One Hit Wonder. It was an acquired taste, but halfway through a unicorn bottle I realized that I absolutely loved it. There is a LOT going on here. Once you vape on it for a little while and start picking apart the flavors you get a real appreciation for what they did with this Neapolitan ice-cream juice.

Every time you take a hit of your vape, the chocolate is going to hit you first. It is a nice flavor, especially considering that many chocolate juices leave a plastic-like taste in my mouth (which I can’t stand).

Second, up you will get the strawberry ice-cream. It is more dominant than the vanilla, but not as strong as the chocolate. In my opinion, I would get the strawberry flavor DURING my exhale and sometimes a little bit after. The strawberry here tastes completely different from The Man.

After the exhale the vanilla flavor creeps in. It isn’t “strong” but it is noticeable, creamy, and pretty good for a vanilla-flavored vape juice. You are usually left with the chocolate, hint of vanilla, and what I call, two “passive” flavors after each hit. More on that below.

It is worth noting here that I think My Man carries two “passive” flavors. You can taste an ice-cream-like flavor as well as a hint of waffle cone. These two “passives” are separate from the chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. It ties the whole juice together and makes it unique. I think the passive flavors are why it took me a couple tanks to get used to the taste. Overall, Awesome juice!


Magic Man is my least favorite of all of the One Hit Wonder juices. It isn’t TERRIBLE by any means. It just can’t top some of the other amazing products they have out there.

My main gripe about Magic Man is that it doesn’t quite deliver what I expect from a “gummy candy” vape juice. Lauren was correct in stating that it DOES change flavors when you vape on it. I get a mixture of sour watermelon, sometimes cherry, and sometimes a peach flavor. The interesting thing about this juice is it is hard to pinpoint when you are going to taste a particular flavor, as I did in my previous reviews.

You will sometimes take a puff and get a sour watermelon with a peach exhale; and sometimes you will get a cherry inhale, with a sour watermelon exhale. It really IS magical in that respect. I LOVE what they did. If they didn’t market it as a gummy candy juice I would probably enjoy it more.

When I think of gummy candy vape juice, I think something similar to what Bad Drip did with Don’t Care Bear (delicious juice by the way). You get a mixture of fruit flavors, a sugar sprinkling and the usual “gummy” taste.

If you enjoy fruit flavors though, Magic Man is right up your alley!


Good ol’ Muffin Man is based on a delicious cinnamon apple muffin. This was the second juice that I tried from One Hit Wonder, and the second juice flavor that OHW made. Coincidently, it is also my second favorite juice from the company. If I HAD to describe the flavor in one word it would ROBUST.

Fresh Muffin Man is light in color and tastes like a delicious, complex blend of apples and cinnamon. The muffin is almost an afterthought on the exhale. It is still there, and it is still warm wonderful and bursting with flavor, but the apple and cinnamon steal the show if you get your bottle fresh.

The opposite is true if you get a bottle of Muffin Man that is well-steeped — or decide to steep it yourself. The darker juice has a pungent muffin smell that fills the room as soon as you open the bottle. On the inhale you get the overwhelming taste of fresh, sweet, muffins.

During the exhale you get the sweet, yet tart, apples and cinnamon on your lips and in your mouth. It is the perfect blend of flavors and 100% an ADV for me.

Overall, it doesn’t matter how you vape Muffin Man, it is a treat. As I told you guys earlier, I LOVE bold flavors, and this does the trick. You can smell and taste this juice long after you take a puff.


My final review is for a collab between One Hit Wonder and online personality, @TheFatJewish. They came together to form The Fat Jewce: Drippin’ Whip. There are no bells and whistles with this one guys, it is straight up whipped cream.

I want to say that MY bottle was SUPER steeped by the time I got it. I thought it would impact the flavor in a negative way, but I was wrong. This stuff is delicious. It tastes like you got a can of whipped cream and let it loose right in your mouth.

SOMEHOW they managed to even nail the “whipped” flavor. It is truly mind-blowing. The marketing for the bottle is hilarious too. They made it look exactly like a can of whipped cream.

On the front of the bottle there is a little message that says “Great on top of STUFF.” In other words, you can vape this juice straight, or add it to your favorite flavors for a kick of creamy goodness. I enjoy adding this to The Man for a strawberry milkshake or Rocket Man for a blueberry parfait with whipped cream.

The great thing is you can add it to non-OHW juices and it still tastes great. One of my favorite combos right now is Ugly Butter by Bad Drip, which is cinnamon sugar funnel cake with banana pudding, and about a quarter of a tank of Drippin’ Whip. The possibilities are endless! This juice is a limited time flavor so you should probably try to pick up a bottle while you can!


Lauren again.

So there you have it. Two very different opinions about the same vape juices. It all depends on your particular palate. If you’re a milk-hater like I am, then OHW probably won’t rock your world. If you LOVE milk flavors, like my pal Knarf does, then these juices are going to be a mainstay in your vape juice stock.

One other thing I should mention, that Knarf briefly touched on, is it DOES matter whether or not these juices are steeped. Depending on whether you like lighter flavors, or more “bold” tastes, you’re going to want to adjust your steeping time.

Check out One Hit Wonder’s selection of e-juices at!

Special thanks to Frank Spear for agreeing to do a dual review with me on this one.

Until next time,

Lauren Tharp is a vaper and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing.

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