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Hey, Everyone!

Recently, I took an interest in an online vape shop called My Freedom Smokes over at The name really caught my eye… My FREEDOM Smokes. That really registered with me.

Also, the fact that My Freedom Smokes was founded in 2008, whereas most of the shops here in the United States were founded much later, also intrigued me. I’m actually trying to get ahold of their founder, Chris Yelton, in order to interview him, because, clearly, he had a lot of foresight when he created MFS and I’d love to hear his story (so if any of you know how to get through to him, let me know — thus far my e-mails to their various addresses online about this have gone unanswered).

I was also very interested in the fact that they not only sell the usual brands — Smok, Joytech, Aspire, etc. — but they create their OWN products as well… I thought that was really nifty, and it inspired me to get some of their “premiere” products in order to do a “Spotlight” review on their stuff.

I received:

  • A t-shirt
  • A vape band/tank protector.
  • 30mL of juice
  • A disposable e-cig

And the stuff arrived VERY quickly, and they updated me with shipping info as it progressed (sent, on the way, delivered). That was great. And their age verification process and everything was easy to get through and not a pain at all. All wonderful things, and what you’d expect from a good online vape shop.

But how were their products?


Right off the bat, there are two very good things about this disposable e-cig. The first is that they only charge $2 for them (most disposables are $7 and up!) and it LOOKS good. The packaging has excellent marketing on it, as does the cig itself, and it’s designed to look and feel like a real cigarette. They purposely designed it to be cheap with blatant marketing so that you could hand them out to smoker friends to get them started on vaping — and the website on the cig tells them where to find more. Brilliant idea!

The look/feel of it would also be very comfortable for a current or former smoker. It’s VERY lightweight, and the tip even lights up red when you draw in. It has a single hole for direct draw, and activates as soon as you take a hit. You just unwrap the package, stick it in your mouth, and go. Easy-peasy!

So what’s the problem?

One problem, at least for me, right off the bat, is that these MFS disposables ONLY come in 18mg nicotine. I vape sixes. Going from a six to an 18 is quite a leap. And, while this might be good for current or former smokers, it might be WAY too much nicotine for everyone else (like me).

And, surprisingly, it has ZERO throat hit, despite its seemingly massive nicotine level. Odd, right?

However, the most “major” problem with this baby is the fact that it tastes absolutely horrible. And I’m not talking about how disposables always taste a little horrible… I mean, this thing is BAD. Even for a disposable.

First of all, it doesn’t taste like “sweet cherry.” At all. I guess the closest thing it tastes like it straight-up nicotine. And…burnt flavor. Like ashes or something. It’s super gross.

But, just to be sure, I handed it over to my roommate, who is a longtime fan of disposables (this weirdo actually prefers them, if you can believe that — he’s a connoisseur of disposable e-cigs, if you will) to see if this thing REALLY sucks, or if it was just me.

It wasn’t just me.

“It tastes like my Blu cigs when they’re about to die. This is the flavor they have right when it’s time to throw them away. This is…not good,” he said.

He toyed with the idea of trying to push through the awfulness and vape it regardless, so we could try and get a good puff count for y’all, but he just couldn’t take it. It was too disgusting. He ended up throwing it out after a few more drags.


Spoiler alert: The vape juice was also terrible.

Let me back up for a second though.

I received the “Premium Chocolate Raspberry” vape juice from MFS in 6mg nicotine (that’s more like it!). It’s 80% PG and 20% VG, so it’s very “watery.” But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, if you happen to like that blend. And, to their credit, I could taste both the chocolate AND the raspberry notes in the juice. But that’s about the only good thing I’m going to say about it.

Although I could taste the chocolate and the raspberry going in, the exhale felt like I was vaping a strong cologne. It actually made my throat a little sore (even though I felt zero “hit”) and the smell started giving me a bad headache. It was as if I’d gone to church and sat next to some old lady who wasn’t aware she’d put on way too much perfume. You ever been in that situation before? It stinks (literally).

It’s the kind of vape juice that makes you feel like you’re choking, even when you take the tiniest puff. It’s just WAY too fragrant. If it weren’t for the nicotine in it (which is a skin irritant), I’d almost be tempted to recommend using it as an eau de toilette rather than as something meant to be inhaled.


The vape band/tank protector is very cute. It’s a little fat (which makes it hard to see your juice levels), but it would probably do a fine job protecting your tank from falling damage.

The t-shirt was definitely the gem in this little treasure chest of vaping loot. The color is highly-saturated, the little marketing saying (“MFS Kicks Ash!”) is super cute, and the 100% cotton is both thick and soft. It’s a quality shirt and I would have no qualms about wearing it around town.

Yep. Even though I pretty much panned their products, I have no beef with My Freedom Smokes. Their OWN stuff might suck (other than their shirts, apparently), but they’re not a bad shop, in my opinion.

Their customer service was on the ball, their shipping was super fast, the process was easy, and they sell a lot of NAME BRAND products that I know, for a fact, are QUALITY goods. And they sell those items at decent prices.

My Freedom Smokes is an interesting business, and it doesn’t really surprise me that they’ve been around for so long. They’re doing a good job. Their personal innovations need some work, but the rest of their business seems to be in tip-top shape. I wouldn’t have any hesitation to make a purchase from them in the future.

Until next time,

Lauren Tharp is a vaper and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing.

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