Milky Cones Vapory – Strawberry Shortcake Vape Juice Review

Strawberry Shortcake Vape Review

When I was a kid, one of my favorite sounds was the ice cream man circling the block. I would ALWAYS get a delicious strawberry shortcake ice cream bar. Remember? They were the ones that have the little crunchy bits all around the outside with delicious strawberry and vanilla inside. Kilo E-liquids created the Milky Cones Vapory line and crafted a vape juice based on this classic ice cream treat — and I’m thrilled.

Everyone knows I’m a big fan of anything strawberry, so a juice has to be impressive for me to LOVE it. Also, since this particular flavor is based on a childhood memory, there is the worry that it won’t meet my expectations. My nostalgia for strawberry shortcake ice cream bars is REAL,  so without delay, it’s time to vape.

Strawberry Shortcake Vape Juice – BASICS

Okay! Before I go over the taste of this e-liquid, I have some basic info that I want to get out there.

The packaging is awesome.  It reminds me of an old school strawberry shortcake ice cream bar label, which was obviously intentional. They put the flavor info on the side, just in case you are not sure what to expect. The profile reads as follows: “Delectable ice cream bar with layers of vanilla and strawberry ice cream with a crumbled top and cookie crust.” Mm mm mm, sounds right up my alley.

As suspected, the VG/PG is 70/30. The back of the box is pretty funny, so I have to point it out below.

I couldn’t find Milky Cones Vapory Strawberry Shortcake vape juice in any other size but 100ml.  HOWEVER, over on Premium Vape Supply, I was able to get a 100ml bottle for just $17.95. You simply cannot beat that price. I was shocked that I didn’t come across this juice sooner. But yeah, the price blew me away.

But how does it taste?

Taste Test

The moment of truth is here. I’m currently using my Smok 220 Alien mod with a Cloud Beast tank (.15 coils) at 120 watts. I popped in a fresh coil, let my strawberry shortcake vape juice soak in, and started puffing away.

Let’s talk flavor. The first thing that surprised me about this juice is the way the vanilla and strawberry ice cream blends seamlessly. Every hit is a different medley of strawberry and vanilla. The strawberry is sweet, creamy, and is overall amazing. The vanilla is a little lighter, as it should be.  It’s still sweet, still tasty but it just isn’t as “IN YOUR FACE” as the strawberry.

Each puff consists of a  combination of both ice cream flavors; it’s spot on. The exhale is where you start to taste the cookie crumbles; The taste reminds me of the crumbles from the strawberry shortcake ice cream bars we all had when we were kids. I can’t stop vaping this stuff. The cookie crumbles and strawberry stays on your lips long after each puff.

There was little to no throat hit on inhale or exhale. It is a light, creamy, delicious ice cream vape that brought me back to the days of chasing down the ice cream man with my dollar in quarters.  If you like ice cream or strawberry flavors– this vape juice is for you!

Final Score

+$17.95 FOR A 100ML?!





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