Juice Review – Cookie Butter by Loaded

Loaded -Cookie Butter

Let me start by saying that I think pretty much everyone loves cookies. Don’t even try to deny it. 🙂   So as you can imagine, when I purchased a bottle of Cookie Butter by Loaded I was excited to try it. But I bet you are wondering if it is as good as the name sounds. Keep reading to find out if this cookie e-juice is top notch, or if this cookie is going to crumble.

What in the World is Cookie Butter?

If you were like me, you were likely intrigued by the name and wondered what in the world is cookie butter?  Essentially, cookie butter is a spreadable cookie paste. It is made by mixing crushed up cookies, usually gingerbread, with milk, flour, butter, sugar, and a dash of caramel. Sound good? I thought so!

Loaded is a company that is famous for their cheap 120ml bottles of E-juice. You can get yours from Premium Vape Supply for $19.95.  The description of the website says, “fresh-out-of-the-oven batch of crispy Belgian cookies mixed into a rich peanut butter spread.” Cookie Butter by Loaded has a blend of 70VG/30PG.

The giant glass bottle is see-through, and the front features the traditional LOADED logo and a container of what is supposed to be cookie butter. It looks delicious on the bottle, that’s for sure!  But the big question is how does it taste?

Taste Test and Vapor Production

Now it is time to give this delicious sounding and looking juice the smell test, taste test, and vapor production test. This is going to be exciting Let’s see what happens!

The smell is interesting. When you open the bottle and give it a sniff you will get the whiff  of gingerbread cookies mixed with a light hint of peanut butter. I loaded it up in my Cloud Beast tank and started giving it a couple hard puffs so I could get a good gauge of the taste. I was not disappointed by the wonderful dense clouds this juice produced. Considering the blend, I was quite impressed.

When I took the first hit of Cookie Butter, I noticed that it is very smooth. You will not get a whistle or tickle on inhale or exhale. Every puff is just as smooth as the last.  The taste is nothing complex, but it is still satisfying.. Upon inhale you will get the taste of cookies — but not fresh cookies. The flavor fits the description of crushed up cookies. It tastes like store bought gingerbread cookies.

There is certainly a sweetness to it, but it is nothing overwhelming. The exhale has a smooth buttery taste. Due to the gingerbread cookies, it does taste a little bit like peanut butter and caramel. The exhale feels like it is missing something. You get the light peanut butter-like taste with a hint of caramel and then it fades away, leaving you wanting more. In that sense, it is a positive.  However, they could have done more to make the peanut butter and caramel taste pop.

Vape or Pass

The big question is whether or not Loaded – Cookie Butter is worth your time and money. The answer to that question is, YES. This is a Vape for sure. Despite the exhale being kind of weak this has been my all day vape for a while now. If you like cookies and peanut butter you are going to want to pick this one up!

+Great gingerbread cookie inhale

+ 120ml bottle for less than 20 bucks

+Smooth vape with dense clouds

-Exhale leaves a lot to be desired



Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at www.spearcontent.com.

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