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Breakfast Club Apple Snaxx

Vape juice companies understand that we all have a love for cereal. It brings us back to a time when we were kids, and the nostalgia is real. Remember Saturday mornings, eating a big bowl of cereal and watching cartoons? The creation of vape cereals has allowed us, adults, the ability to relive those times through vape cereals. One example of this type of juice is Apple Snaxx by Breakfast Club, which is supposed to be — you guessed it! Apple Jacks.  Is Apple Snaxx going to live up to the hype? THAT is the question.

Some Cool Facts about Apple Snaxx

Apple Snaxx, as previously mentioned, is made by a company called Breakfast  Club E-Juice. They create an array of cereal juices such as Corn Drops, Froops (review coming soon!), and Vape Flakes. The description for Apple Snaxx reads as follows: “A tasty cinnamon goodness packed with apple flavor and a smooth milky after-tone.” Remember the word smooth!  We will come back to it later.

The VG/PG ratio of Jaxx is 80/20, so you better get ready to blow some dense clouds. I purchased my bottle of Apple Snaxx from Premium Vape Supply for $12.95 for a 30ml bottle. This juice is pretty darn affordable if you are on a budget! You can get two bottles for about 25 bucks!

When you look at the bottle, you will see that it is pretty standard. It is a small glass see-through bottle with the logo on the front. My favorite part about the bottle is the custom description that they add that differs from the vape shop descriptions. The front of Apple Snaxx reads: “A burst of cinnamon apple crunch topped with a light cream finish to create the perfect jaxxxx,”  sounds yummy, but how accurate is their description?

Taste Test and Vapor Production

Once you crack the seal on this little bottle and open it up, you are going to be blown away by the smell. In my opinion, it smells precisely like a big bowl of apple jacks cereal with the milk. You have to wonder how they nail some of these smells so spot on sometimes!

My bottle did not need to be steeped; I was able to crack it and immediately fill up my Cloud Beast tank for the vapor test.  I gave it time to soak into the cotton, cranked my mod up to 130, and took a couple of solid puffs. Talk about CLOUD CENTRAL  — my gosh. I was pleased with the vapor production I got from this juice.

Let’s talk taste. So as the Apple Snaxx soaked into my coil and the taste started to come through I am going, to be honest — I was blown away. On the inhale you get a smooth cinnamon cereal taste with just a tiny hint of cream. The exhale is just as smooth, and this is where the milk/cream shines. Your mouth and lips will feel like you just got done drinking the milk from the bottom of a bowl of Apple Jacks. It is pretty wild that they were able to nail the flavor the way that they did.

I do have a complaint, though the complaint is only a testament to how delicious this juice tastes. I looked EVERYWHERE, even on wholesale vape websites. You cannot get any of the Breakfast Club E-Juice flavors, including Apple Snaxx, in anything about 30ml. As a “hardcore vaper,” that is to say, someone who chain vapes all day long, I can easily crush a 30ml in one day. I would LOVE to have the option to get this juice in a 60 or even 120ml size,

Vape or Pass?

It is pretty obvious that I love Apple Snaxx and I would seriously recommend it to anyone who loves cereal vapes. My one word of advice would be to make sure that you get a couple of bottles because this stuff goes FAST!

+ Delicious flavor that will leave you with nostalgia

+ 80/20 VG/PG   = MAJOR CLOUDS

+Great price

+Simple bottle design with mouth-watering description on the front

-No 60ml option



Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at www.spearcontent.com.

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