Honey Bear by Marina Vape – A Sweet Review

Honey Bear by Marina Vape

Hi there, everyone! I hope you guys are having a great Memorial Day. (or good day in general if you’re reading this after the fact.) While hunting for good “summer vapes” I ran across Honey Bear by Marina Vape. This vape juice might not be your ideal idea of a refreshing summer vape, but I had to stop to tell you guys about this juice.

I’m going to follow my usual plan and tell you all about the juice including flavor profile, where to buy, PG/VG, and more.  I hope you guys enjoy reading and that I can help you decide if this juice is for you.

Let’s vape!

Oh, Baby – yOU’RE SO SWEET

Honey Bear by Marina Vape shows you from the beginning what kind of juice you’re getting yourself into. The front of the bottle features a jar of honey in the shape of a bear. The bottles come in 60ml long bottles, like many other Marina flavors (Marshmallow Man, Choco Donuts, Etc.) However, you can buy 120ml like I did, and you’ll get two 60ml bottles — which works for me!

The flavor profile is described as: “your favorite graham crackers and a touch of honey drizzle with refreshing cold milk.” Sounds promising.

Over the past couple months, I’ve grown fond of honey flavored e-juice. I LOVED Bear Graham by FRYD. (Someone, please remind me on Twitter to do THAT review someday!) As you can probably imagine, I was excited to try to this new graham cracker and honey flavored juice. I was a little worried about the “refreshing cold milk” part because sometimes companies crank it up a little too much and the milk is overwhelming.

At any rate, I pushed on and cracked my bottle of Honey Bear open for science….and my nicotine addiction.

Honey Bear by marina Vape  – tHE tASTE TEST

Once I cracked open one of the 60ml bottles, I could smell the honey in the air. It was a light and pleasant smell and had me pretty excited to get my tank filled up.

I put in a new .15 coil in my SMOK Cloud Beast and filled it up. After resting and soaking up the e-liquid for 10 minutes or so I started puffing.

It turns out my nose was right. The first taste that hit my tongue was sweet and savory honey. It’s very rich and you can still taste it long after you’ve exhaled. While the honey danced on my tongue I got strong notes of graham crack on the exhale. It reminds me of those little Teddy Grahams we used to eat when we were kids.

As for the “cold milk,” I gotta say they knocked the creaminess out of the park. You get the creamy taste once you have exhaled. The milky flavor blends with the honey and leaves for a pleasant aftertaste.

Honey Bear by Marina Vape is a 70/30 VG/PG blend, so cloud production was great. It wasn’t so thick that is ripped through my coils, but I was certainly satisfied during every puff.

Final Score & where to buy

I’ll admit — Honey Bear impressed me. I figured after trying all of these honey vapes lately that this was just going to be another one to add to the list. Instead, I discovered a sweet, delicious, savory vape juice that I plan on purchasing again.

I snagged my 120ml from Premium Vape Supply for $22.95, a great price for an amazing flavor. You can also buy 60ml bottles for just $14.95. If you love dessert flavored vapes, honey vapes, or anything to do with graham crackers then this juice is for you.

+Sweet and savory honey 

+Notes of graham cracker on exhale

+Creamy milk flavor blends with the honey


+Great Cloud Production


Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at www.spearcontent.com.

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  1. You give me free juice?

    Lol. Sorry had to do that. Seriously though, we were supposed to stop eating Teddy Grahams when we grew up? 😜

    I’m not sure the Flavor profile of this juice is for me, but another great review Kmart! I felt as though I could taste it from your description.

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