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Ferrum City Cereal Monster

Hello, everyone. I hope that you guys and gals had a killer New Year! I have been crazy busy with work and the holidays. I have good news — you are going to see plenty more reviews popping up moving forward!

I recently stumbled across a new juice line from Ferrum City Liquid called the “Cereal Monster” line. There are three flavors available, and I KNEW that I had to get my hands on all three when  I spotted them over at Premium Vape Supply.

The flavors are Choculate, Scary Berry, and Blooberry. If you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re based on the popular “monster cereals”  Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry.  But… do they live up to our favorite childhood (and probably adulthood 😉 ) cereals? Let’s find out!


All three juices come in 100ml gorilla bottles for $19.95 — not including shipping. One unique factor about these bottles that I noticed is the cap and ring on the top is black. I’ve purchased hundreds of bottles of liquid, and it is sporadic to see this style of top. With this in mind, if you have  30+ bottles of juice (as I do) on your desk, you can grab your bottle of Cereal Monster without even looking. As a writer and avid gamer who is always busy, that is a plus in my book.

My three bottles are 3mg, so I can’t speak for the 0mg or 6mg options. Despite all three having the same VG/PG ration (75/25), there are varying throat hits for each flavor. We will discuss that aspect when I get into the detailed descriptions.


The first flavor we are going to look at is Choculate. As previously mentioned, this elixir is based on Count Chocula cereal. If you live under a rock and never had this delicious cereal before, let’s break it down.  The Count’s cereal is chocolate oat pieces with marshmallows. It’s famous for turning your milk chocolate-flavored when you get to the bottom, and you’re left with delicious, cold, sweet, chocolate milk.

You may be wondering, “But, Knarf. Why did you just describe a bowl of cereal to us?” The simple answer is this — Choculate tastes almost exactly like the milk in the bottom of the bowl when you finish the cereal.

On the inhale you get a sweet, warm, chocolate flavor with notes of oat throughout.  The throat hit is kind of rough, the hardest hit out of the three juices, to be honest.  The exhale leaves you with chocolate milk taste when you finish the bottom of your bowl.  Throughout the entire vaping experience you will notice a light sweetness coating every flavor, I attribute this to the marshmallow flavoring.

The milky taste lingers with you long after you exhale. If you lick your lips, you get the taste of the chocolate. Overall, it’s a very pleasant vape. Not too strong, not too weak, just right.

Ferrum City Cereal Monster
Ferrum City Cereal Monster

Scary Berry

Out of all three flavors, Scary Berry is my favorite without question. When you pop the top of the bottle off, you instantly get a whiff of strawberry oat cereal and milk. The taste is spot on — it’s almost unreal.

When you inhale, you get hit in the face with a delicious, complex strawberry oat cereal. I love how the strawberry is intense and stays with you from start to finish.  Interestingly enough, aside from the strawberry cereal, it tastes like there is a hint of real strawberry in there too. After you exhale, you get the taste of the milk, much like the Choculate. The milk is light, delicious, and blends well with the marshmallows and strawberries.

There is little to no throat hit for Scary Berry. It comes in smooth and goes out even smoother. If you like strawberries and cereal vapes you cannot go wrong with this e-liquid.


Finally, we are going to talk about Blooberry.  I’m not going to say that I dislike Blooberry because that isn’t exactly true. It tastes good. However, it’s just not as good as the other two flavors.

There is far less sweetness from the marshmallow with this blend. The inhale gives you a mild blueberry flavor and not a whole lot of cereal either honestly. The exhale consists of a little cereal and milk with the blueberry aftertaste. The most marshmallow you will taste is on the backend after you have exhaled and lick your lips. Even then, it isn’t strong or particularly noticeable.

If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like overly sweet vapes, this is an excellent pick. It tastes enough like the original Boo Berry cereal for it to be good. It’s not overwhelming, not too much flavor, just mild and yummy. There is zero throat hit with this juice, so that’s another benefit for those who want something that isn’t going to make you cough your head off.


In essence, all three juices are very different despite being part of the same juice line. While some liquids have a “base” that they use for all of their flavors. Vapetasia and their Killer Kustard/ Killer Kustard Strawberry / Killer Kustard Lemon comes to mind. The similarities here are supposed to be the “oat” cereal, marshmallows, and milk. But the amount and strength of each of these notes change depending on the juice.

Here are the final scores so you can decide if these flavors are right for you.

Choculate 8/10 Excellent

+Rich chocolate taste

+Tastes like the milk from the bottom of the bowl

-Harsh inhale


Scary Berry 10/10 Perfect

+Sweet strawberry cereal

+Marshmallows and milk blend seamlessly

+Hint of fresh strawberries

+ STRONG flavor


Blooberry 6/10 Above Average

+Good blueberry flavor

+Zero throat hit

+/- VERY mild taste

-Not enough sweetness


Overall 8/10 Amazing



+Chocolate, strawberry, and blueberry – something for everyone

+Good vapor production

+/- Varying taste despite having the same cereal/oat base





Frank Aka Knarf is the owner of Knarf’s Clouds. He is a vaper, a freelance writer, and a video game enthusiast. You can reach his business page at www.spearcontent.com.

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