Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have some questions about Knarf's Clouds? Don't worry: I have answers!

Who are you?!

My name is Frank  AKA Knarf and I am from a small town in Ohio!  I LOVE to vape, and I LOVE to play video games. Want to know more about ME? Visit my About page!

How long have you been vaping?

I have been vaping for about three years! I officially quit smoking at the start of 2017. Best decision ever!

How long did you smoke cigarettes?

I rubbed snuff for 6 years, then one day started smoking cigarettes. I smoked for 9 years. If you ever think that it isn't possible to quit smoking I PROMISE YOU -- You can do it!


What is your mod + setup?

I use the Smok 220w Alien (Red with black paint splatter 🙂.) I prefer tanks and my tank of choice is the Smok Cloud Beast. I use the .15-ohm coils – SO tasty!

What are your favorite vape juice flavors?

I won't get into specific juice BRANDS, I need to save those for the reviews. 😉 However, I will say that I am fond of strawberry flavors, custards, and many "dessert" style vapes.

What do you do for a living?/What do you do besides vaping?

: I am a freelance writer – this site is just a side project because I LOVE vaping. If you are interested in learning more about what exactly I do feel free to visit my business page at


Are there any vape juice flavors you DON'T like?

I, for the most part, like most vape juice flavors. The biggest complaint I have is focused around grape and lemon-flavored juices. In many cases, but not all, the lemon and/or grape flavor will stick around with your coil even after you change your juice.

What nicotine level do you vape?

I vape 3mg juice, 6mg if I am DESPERATE to try a flavor and they are out of my usual 3mg.

What changes have you noticed since you quit smoking and started vaping?

I can honestly say that quitting smoking was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I can finally BREATHE again. If you are currently a smoker I urge you to take a deep breath...hurts, doesn't it? I don't experience that anymore. I can go up and down stairs without feeling like I am dying. OH, and food and drinks taste AMAZING again. You would be surprised to discover just how dull your senses get from smoking. There are many more changes that I have noticed since I quit, but those are the top 3 benefits that come to mind.