Eleaf iCare 160 All in One Review

Hey, Everyone!

Well… The time has come. My first NEGATIVE review of a mod. We all knew this day would come eventually.

First of all, I want to tank the lovely VaporDNA for selling me this product at a discount. Great store! This negative review has nothing to do with them, their service, or any of the other products they sell (I actually have a very positive review of another mod I got from them coming soon!). They’re great and I’d definitely purchase from them again. It’s not their fault that THIS particular product sucks butt.

So why, exactly, does the Eleaf iCare 160 All in One “suck butt?” I’ll get into that in a moment. First, the specs…


Once again, I’m going to refer to the sales page to copy/paste the specs, since they did a lovely write-up and it’ll ensure that I don’t forget any important details:

Product Features:

  • All In One System
  • Button Activated Firing
  • Integrated 1500 mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Micro USB Charged
    • 1A Maximum
  • 5ml Tank Reservoir
    • Threaded Top Filled
    • iCare IC 1.1 ohm Coil
      • 5 to 15W Output
    • Dual Non Adjustable Airflow
    • Clear Tank Reservoir
    • 7 Backlight Color Options
  • Direct Voltage Output
  • Translated to Wattage
    • 15W Maximum
      • Fully Charged
    • 0 to 3.5 ohm Output
  • Slim Profile
  • 168mm by 16mm
  • Backlight Battery Indicator
  • Stays Lit
    • 100 to 60% Battery State
  • Slow Flashes
    • 59 to 30% Battery State
  • Moderate Flashes
    • 20 to 10% Battery State
  • Quick Flashes
    • 9 to 0% Battery State

Looking at the list above, that doesn’t sound TOO bad, right? It’s obviously a mod for a beginner vaper (only goes up to 15W!) so we know going in not to expect too much from it. This isn’t the mod you buy if you want to be puffing fat clouds or get heavy hits.

The problem is, even for a “beginner vaper,” this mod is pretty terrible. But, first, the positives:


I actually had to sit and think about this for a while. I always try to list at least a few positives in these reviews — because there are always SOME — but it definitely took me a while to think of some for this particular mod.

I guess the main positive is that it has a pretty large “tank” for an all-in-one pen mod. 3.5mL is nothing to scoff at. That’s actually 0.5mL more juice than Smok’s amazing Baby Beast tank holds!

I also liked that it had a great top fill design where you could fill it without having to unscrew the atomizer. That’s a pretty unique feature for a pen mod, in my opinion — and one that should be adopted by other pen mods.

And, uh… I guess it looks nice? I didn’t care for it personally, but my female roommate saw it on the dining room table when I was getting the pics for this review and she said “OOH! That one looks so elegant!”

Of course, said female roommate then picked it up and said “Oh. Nevermind.” Haha. Which, I suppose, is a good place to start talking about the negatives…


The reason my roommate said “Oh. Nevermind.” is because she immediately noticed what I did: This thing is absurdly long. Stupidly so. I can hold it with BOTH of my hands and STILL have vape sticking out the top. That’s just plain ridiculous.

Just look at the picture to the left, if you don’t believe me. This thing is SO long that, when I took a selfie with it, I couldn’t even get the entire thing in the pic!

Not to mention it’s very heavy for a pen mod. Why? It makes no sense at all. Pen mods are supposed to be light and portable. Especially thin ones like this one. And yet, this baby’s got heft. AND that “heft” is off balance — it’s very weighty at the bottom and lighter toward the drip tip. So when you vape it, the bottom wants to “sag” downward because the weight is pulling it down and away from your mouth.

And although I usually like USB chargeable vapes, this one irked me because it would NOT stand up while charging. In fact, this thing doesn’t like to stand up: period. When you’re not using it, you have to lay it down… and then it rolls around! I had it next to me on my desk for this review and it’s already rolled its way onto my floor. What the heck is up with that?!

Since this is a “beginner” vape, I’m not going to give it guff for not producing good vapor or hits. I knew that it wouldn’t. However, even for a “beginner” vape, I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s very unenjoyable to use. It’s incredibly awkward, and you have to REALLY suck on this thing to get ANY vapor. And while it’s sometimes fun getting a little light-headed from vaping, it should be from the vapor, NOT the sucking involved.

In fact, this thing gave me such an unenjoyable experience, that I only tested it for battery life ONCE. For these reviews, I usually do a couple of run-throughs of straight vaping after giving the mods a full charge and get an “average” time for the battery life. For this one, I clocked it at 30 minutes (pathetic!) and then didn’t bother recharging it fully and testing it again. In fact, I probably won’t touch this thing again once I’m done with this review. It stinks.

Oh, and it’s pretty much impossible to clean. But that’s a problem with all-in-one mods in general. (Worth noting though).


Eleaf has always been a bit of a mixed bag for me where their products are concerned. Sometimes they ace it (like with the iStick Pico mods), and, other times, you get something like…this thing.

The Eleaf iCare 160 All in One just isn’t good. It’s that simple. There are plenty of other pen mods and “beginner” vapes on the market that you could purchase instead and get a LOT more satisfaction from.

Unless you want to buy this thing as a joke gift (HAHA look at how LONG this vape is!!), steer clear.

Until next time,

Lauren Tharp is a vaper and the owner of the multiple award-winning LittleZotz Writing.

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