Hi, everyone! My name is Frank, otherwise known as Knarf and I'm the founder of Knarf's Clouds!

I am a vaper and have dabbled in a little bit of everything over the three years that I have been vaping. I started vaping "full-time" and ditched cigarettes for good at the start of 2017. But I found myself tired of looking at juice online and thinking, "Ehh..am I going to like that?"

Instead of complaining about it I decided to DO something about it!

Here at Knarf's Clouds you can look forward to multiple juice reviews per week. I will give you my honest, unbiased opinion on the juice that I am reviewing – mainly because I bought every flavor featured out of my own pocket!

You will discover the pros and cons through reviews that feature information about flavor, throat hit, price, and my final grade of the product.  I am also going to feature informative blog posts about vaping news around the country, and interviews!

Juice reviews are just the start. There is much more planned for this site. I am going to feature vape news from around the country, interviews, and yes, even hardware reviews! Stick around, wick some fresh cotton, fill your tank, crank up the watts and relax, because we are only getting warmed up!