Hi, everyone! My name is Frank, aka Knarf, and I'm the founder of Knarf's Clouds!

I love absolutely everything vape related. One of my favorite things is the huge variety of vape juice on the market. There are thousands of crazy flavors with hundreds of variations of similar flavors.

In fact, it starts to get overwhelming. After a while, I found myself tired of looking at juice online and thinking, "Ehh..am I going to like that?"

I realized that I could help fellow vapers by giving them my honest opinion of vape juice and mods, both new and old!


I'll let you know the pros and cons in each of my reviews so you can learn about flavor, throat hit, price, and finally, get my final grade of the product.  I am also going to feature blog posts about vaping news around the country

Stick around, get some fresh cotton, fill your tank, crank up the watts and relax, because we are only getting started!

If you would like to get in touch with me regarding questions, concerns, or promotions, please visit my contact page.